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Dometic Sealand

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Dometic Sealand

VG2 Vacuum Generators
VG3 Low Profile Vacuum Generator
VG4 J Series Vacuum Generator
Vacuum Tank
Vacuum Pump Parts
VacuFlush Parts
  B Series Vacuum Pump
M Series Vacuum Pump
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Dometic Sealand

When comparing the many differences among marine toilet systems, most boaters find that Sealand/ Dometic VacuFlush systems offer all the advantages that result in homelike comfort and superior, long-lasting performance. When the flush button or pedal is pushed, vacuum action pulls the effluent from the toilet, through the vacuum generator, and pushes it into the holding tank. The Sealand/Dometic vacuum generator takes about one minute to recharge vacuum for the next flush.

Fresh Water Flushing Stops Odors
Raw water flushing systems contain odor-causing seaweed and other living organisms that die and decay. Low-flow Sealand/Dometic VacuFlush systems use clean, fresh water, thereby eliminating chances for odors.

Enhanced Resale Value
Sparkling vitreous china toilets and a powerful vacuum sanitation system reflect a higher standard of quality and increase the value of boats.

Minimal Water Use Improves Tank Efficiency
Specially engineered to use little water per flush, Sealand/DometicVacuFlush systems preserve onboard water supplies and greatly increase the number of flushes between holding tank pump-out operations.

Powerful Vacuum Action Cleans Bowl and Lines
A vigorous combination of air and water flow clears the Sealand/Dometic toilet bowl instantly and keeps plumbing lines open - reducing chances of hose odor permeation.

Look and Performance of Household Toilets
Sealand's adult-size seats, deep bowls and large water surfaces of many VacuFlush toilets make them extremely comfortable and easy to use. Electronic flush models offer simple one-touch flushing.

Low Power Use
Pedal-operated Sealand/Dometic VacuFlush toilets draw a mere 2-6 amps per flush, and electronic Flush and ForgetĀ® models use only 7 amps more - comparing favorably to other systems that use up to 60 amps.

Unbeatable Reliability
By eliminating the problems associated with raw water systems, VacuFlush systems require less maintenance and extend component life significantly Sealand offers a 10 year warranty on Sealand China Bowls against manufacturer's defect. Additionally, they offer a 5 year warranty on all Sealand bellows assemblies. 




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